Universal stone cleaner

Universal Stone on yleispuhdistusaine, joka toimii kodin kaikilla kovilla pinnoilla. Sama aine puhdistaa, kiillottaa sekä suojaa . Espoo: Motonet, prisma (iso omena, olari, sello) Siivous Sebastian Eura: Terveyskauppa Luonnonhelma Haapajärvi: Tmi Haapajärven luontaistuote.

Non-toxic, biodegradable, and multi-purpose cleaning and polishing with Universal Stone; safe for children and pets. Buy Universal Stone Cleaning Stone – 5g: All-Purpose Cleaners – Amazon. FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases.

Universal Stone products, I love this product.

I use it in my tub and bathroom and NOW my sneakers too. Safe on all surfaces including tile, glass, woo stainless plastic. I have just discovered the amazing Universal Stone product. It has been around since 199 but just recently available in the United States.

The ZIELINSKY UNIVERSAL-STONE Company is the sole producer of this eco-friendly cleaning and polishing stone used by environmentally aware customers . Universal Stone Cleaner, hard-working, extremely effective product, polishes and protects while it cleans, all-natural ingredients, non-toxic, no abrasive acids. In 199 the ZIELINSKY UNIVERSAL STONE COMPANY began producing this remarkable, .